Displayed at the Artisan’s Atelier (the annex)

What is traditional craftsmen?

Skilled techniques and traditional craftsmen

A person having high level of knowledge and skills of traditional crafts and arts who passed the traditional craftsman qualification exam is recognized as the “traditional craftsman”.
The requirements for the exam is that you are presently involved in manufacturing of traditional crafts, have more than 12 years of working experience and reside in the production region.
In Echizen lacquerware production region, many artisans are recognized as the traditional craftsmen and they are contributing in training of young successor artisans and in improving of skills.

Activities of traditional craftsmen

Once you are recognized as a traditional craftsman, you will join the traditional craftsmen’s association in the production region. You are expected to contribute to the invigoration of the production region through interacting with other craftsmen and working towards the goal of promoting the traditional craftsmanship in the society.

Value of the traditional crafts and arts

The true value of the traditional crafts and arts is brought out by using them in our daily lives.
Echizen lacquerware products were born among the nature and culture of the area and are manufactured by using the techniques inherited over generations to bring out the sophisticated beauty.