Culture and industry of Echizen lacquerware

The traditional techniques as Japanese culture live in our daily lives and those traditional techniques used in our daily lives has been inherited over generations.
Various traditions that are used in our daily lives and those inherited as tools for ceremonies has been established their role in our lives forming our culture.
Echizen lacquerware started out as manufacturing of bowls, and through our culture of celebrating the Buddhist ceremony of Hoon-ko-san, it grew as manufacturing of “souwazen” including bowls and boxes. There products emerged from the life styles of the artisans who manufacture the lacquerware products and from the life styles of people who use the lacquerware products. The lacquerware products and people can be good partners for long time if we take good care of the products. It is our culture that we do not easily waste things and we try to use things for long time by taking good care of them. We hope that such culture of ours will be handed down generation after generation through taking good care of lacquerware products and using them for long time.

Successor training

Young successors are being trained to inherit the traditional techniques.

Experience workshops

In the experience workshops, you can decorate your own lacquerware item. We hope that you can learn more about the lacquerware and become familiar with the lacquerware.
  • Integration of traditional and modern designs
  • Inheriting the traditional techniques