Techniques of lacquerware and inheriting of the techniques

Mingling of people and inheriting of the lacquerware techniques

The techniques of Echizen lacquerware were improved through mingling of people from various lacquerware production regions.
The urushi-kaki workers who collected lacquer while traveling all over Japan knew the characteristics of lacquer and among them some became the nushi (lacquer applying) artisans. The kiji(wood base) forming of marumono items and kakumono items was introduced from Wajima and Yamanaka, the maki-e (design drawing) technique was introduced from Kyoto and the chinkin(carving) technique was introduced from Wajima. In such way, various techniques were introduced through interactions of people from different lacquerware production regions. The cooperative relationship between the artisans and the sales persons is crucial to lacquerware manufacturing. By taking in the voices from the users, new products of new generation are being developed and produced.