Kin-tsugi (golden joinery) and lacquerware repairing

Lacquerware repairing and reapplying of lacquer

The advantage of lacquerware products is that they can be repaired.
As you used the lacquerware products over the years, they may be scratched or their colors may fade. Even in those cases, lacquer can be reapplied to restore the products as if they are new. Also, the products can be repaired and used again even if they are chipped or broken by joining the chipped/broken parts with lacquer.

Kin-tsugi (golden joinery) using lacquer

Since lacquer is a strong adhesive, a technique called “kin-tsugi” is used to repair when a ceramic product is chipped or broken.
The kin-tsugi technique is used to join the broken parts and decorate the broken parts with lacquer.

Kin-tsugi (golden joinery)

Repairing of lacquerware products

Since lacquer can be reapplied over and over, your favorite lacquerware items can be used for long time. The picture in the left shows a lacquerware item on which lacquer has been reapplied repeatedly and the thickness became more than 1mm.
  • Even if lacquerware products lose their shininess over time, chipped or broke when dropped, they can be repaired.
  • If chipped or colors are rubbed off, the chipped parts can be filled with lacquer and the broken parts can be joined with lacquer.
  • They can also be coated over with a different color. Their shininess can be restored by reapplying lacquer and the lacquerware products can be used for long time.