How to store lacquerware products

To keep good quality

The natural lacquer from natural resource breath like a living thing.
Lacquer prefers slightly humid and shaded environment.
Some lacquerware products are used daily and some are stored to be used in special occasions.
The lacquerware products can maintain their durability and beauty by storing them and taking care of them properly.
We advise you to have the lacquerware products repaired as soon as possible if you find any scratches or damages.

If you wish to store for a long time

  • If only used in special occasions, please wrap the products with cotton cloths and store them in wooden boxes. In such way, damages can be limited to minimum.
  • The lacquerware products can be prevented from deforming and losing shininess if stored in shaded place that is not too dried (adequately humid place).

For daily use

  • If the lacquerware products are used daily, please lightly pile them and place them in a cupboard. Do not pile them with products of hard material such as ceramic as they might damage the lacquerware products.

Repair right away

  • If the lacquerware products are chipped or broken, they can be repaired. If they have lost their shininess, lacquer can be applied again to restore their shininess.