Taking care of the lacquerware products

Wooden lacquerware products

Wooden lacquerware is in harmony with the nature.
The woods grow in the nature and they grow as many years as the number of annual growth rings. Lacquer is also a blessing from the nature.
People have lived among the nature discovering techniques to live in harmony with the nature.
Lacquerware has been manufactured since the ancient time and the lacquerware products are made to fit in people’s hands as they are used over a long period of time.
They are also durable and can be used for long as daily-use items.

How to take a good care

  • Use neutral detergent
  • Polish with dry cloth

Points to be aware of

  • Do not place in water for long time
  • Do not place in sunlight
  • Do not scrub with a scrubbing brush
  • Do not put in microwave oven or stove