Environment-friendly products

Using sustainable resources

Environment-friendly products are being developed in the production region.
Production of wooden lacqueware that uses natural material has been developed with and among the natural environment over hundreds of years. On the other hand, with respect to the resin products which provides us with convenience and easy access, systems of product recycling and resource recycling are being developed now.
There has been developed materials that can be broken down to water and carbon dioxide by microorganisms when buried in soil. Materials made by mixing a special powder in waste materials are being developed. And techniques to produce sustainable resource are being studied.
  • Using timbers from forest thinning
  • A material made by mixing special powder in waste plastic Experiments using special powder

Various experiments using special powders

Development of products where waste products and tires can be naturally broken down when special powder is mixed.
  • When seeds are planted in wood chips mixed with special powder, the plants, especially their roots, grow more vigorously than in normal soil.
  • An experiment where seeds are planted in wood chips mixed with special powder in a frame made of old tires. As a result, the plants grow vigorously. Such method is good for planting plants on roofs.
An experiment where special powder is mixed in a concrete material to bring it back into the natural ecosystem.
  • When seeds are attached to the concrete material, due to the effect of the special powder, roots of the plants grow in the concrete material.
  • A wall made by mixing a concrete material and a resin material including special powder.