Techniques of coating

What is spray coating technique?

In the manufacturing of lacquerware, lacquer and other coating materials are manually applied or they are applied by spray coating. Both methods require well trained skills. In the spray coating, lacquer, chemical coating materials, etc. are sprayed on to the lacquerware surfaces.
The base may be wood or resin. In both cases, the under coating is adjusted so as to smoothen the base.
The products can be finished beautifully with various colors by the coating technique of chemical coating materials. In addition, there have been developed coating materials which are scratch-resistant and stain-resistant that can be used safely.

Process of coating

Spray coating can be used for wood base and resin base. In both cases, the under coating is carried out by spray coating to make the finish coating more adhesive.
In the finish coating, various colors can be applied. The products can be finished in traditional lacquer colors or in various colors that was impossible to bring out in the traditional lacquerware by using the spray coating technique.