Development of resin products

Colorful resin lacquerware products in various shapes

There are traditional wooden lacquerware products using traditional techniques and modern resin lacquerware products using materials such as plastic resin.
Echizen lacquerware production region is well known for its large production of resin lacquerware products. Their resin lacquerware products are durable, can be produced in mass production and are reasonably priced. For these reasons, their resin lacquerware products are widely used in Japanese style hotels, restaurants, etc.
Resin material allows to form various shapes and use different colors.
Shape forming is called molding, and melted resin material is poured in to metal molds to form a shape.
The molded products can be colored by spray coating and can be decorated by screen printing.

Process of resin products

Creative efforts in resin products Many creative efforts are made in resin products. Heat-resistant material that prevents scratches and can be put in to dishwashers and shapes that allow the dishes to be easily piled are being developed.
The products come in various colors that match different scenes in our life styles. They are also processed with stain-resistant coating and slip-resistant coating.
  • Base made by mold injection
  • Colorful coating
  • A design of screen printing