Development of safe and worry-free products

Product that can be used worry-free

In Echizen lacquerware production region, safe and worry-free lacquerware products are being developed and produced.
These products include bowls fitting softly in our hands that are environment-friendly and suit the life style of the aging community. Further, the slip-resistance process is carried out in the coating of trays so that the items thereon will not slip or slide.
Industrial products relating to medical areas and human service areas, coating techniques that supports safety of food, etc. are being developed to pursue production of safe and worry-free products.

Manufacturing safe products

Slip-resistance processed lacquerware products that can be handled safely

When carrying a dish on a tray, the dish might slide on the tray and the content might be spilled. In consideration of such problem, slip-resistant coating is sprayed on to dishes and trays in the slip-resistance process so that the dish does not slide on the tray even when the tray is slanted. With such technique, dishes can be carried to and from different places safely and securely.