Development of lacquer preparation method (MR-III)

What is MR lacquer? MR lacquer is a new type of lacquer which was developed by using a special preparation method called the three roll-mill method. What is different from the traditional preparation method?
  • ・Dries very fast.
  • ・Becomes very hard after it is dried.
  • ・Can endure high temperature (ex. boiling water).
  • ・No color changing due to sun light.
  • MR lacquer is very durable and many new products are being developed and produced using this new type of lacquer.
  • Lacquer prepared by the traditional preparation method
  • MR lacquer
The transparency level differs in the lacquer prepared by the traditional preparation method and the MR lacquer and thus, the color can appear differently.

Special preparation method

Preparation method of MR lacquer Particles in MR lacquer become finer since the raw lacquer is poured in the three rotating rollers to be prepared.
Comparing to the lacquer prepared by the traditional method, MR lacquer dries faster, approximately 1/3 of the time needed to dry the lacquer prepared by the traditional method. Since MR lacquer includes very small amount of impurities such as water, it is hard and the color does not change easily, and further does not lose its shininess easily.
Traditional preparation method Raw lacquer (rough lacquer) is put in to a wood container and mixed well. Thereafter, further mixed while heating the lacquer.
By mixing while heating the lacquer, moisture in the lacquer is dispersed into small particles to be removed. In this process of preparation, the viscosity level, drying ability, shininess of the lacquer coating, transparency level, etc. are adjusted.