Various types of lacquer

Lacquer for spray coating

Lacquer can be applied by the spray coating method and by the manually applying method.
Natural lacquer is handled as if it is a living thing since it is sensitive to subtle differences in temperature and humidity.
Recently, there has been developed a type of lacquer which is not sensitive to temperature and a spray coating type lacquer made by chemically mixing the lacquer substances.
Both the traditional way of manually applying the lacquer and the modern way of spray coating are major techniques used in the lacquerware manufacturing today.

Coating of new type of lacquer

A new type of lacquer where the major components are mixed chemically and a new type of lacquer having new texture are being developed.
The price differs according to how much lacquer is included in the material and these new types of lacquer are used in industrial lacquerware manufacturing.

  • Thick coating of synthetic resin coating
Although natural lacquer is sensitive to humidity, a new type of lacquer which is chemically synthesized is not influenced by climate. Such new type of lacquer is used in both the spray coating method and the manually applying method.

  • Spray coating of new type lacquer, shows no shrinking