Preparation of Kakishibu

Kakishibu squeezing

“Kakishibu” is a liquid made by crushing, fermenting and squeezing fruits of astringent persimmons. Kakishibu has good water-proof and antiseptic effects and when it is dried, it becomes hard and durable. For such properties, kakishibu is a natural liquid material that has been utilized widely to be applied on buildings and cloths.
In the manufacturing of Echizen lacquerware, a technique called “shibushitaji” where the kakishibu liquid and charcoal powder are mixed has been used traditionally since Edo period in the shitaji process.
In this area, the fruits of astringent persimmons, still green, used to be collected around August to make one-year worth of kakishibu liquid required in the shitaji process. Families and neighbors, many helps were needed to make one-year worth of kakishibu liquid and this was a special event for the people of the area. After this event of kakishibu making, people celebrated by having a gathering called “kakiage” to appreciate the support and relationship among the people of the area.

Tools and process of kakishibu making

  1. ▪Still green astringent persimmon fruits are gathered in a mortar.
  2. ▪Crush the persimmon fruits by pounding with a pounder.
  3. ▪Put the crushed persimmon in to a different container and let it sit in a dark place for 2 to 3 days until it is fermented.
  4. ▪Put the fermented persimmon in the kakishibu squeezing machine, cover it and press from above to squeeze the juice.
  5. ▪The squeezed kakishibu juice is preserved in a shaded place such as in a storage room and is further fermented.