Kashoku – Maki-e(design drawing) Process

Maki-e-shi – artisans who apply beautiful colors Maki-e(design drawing) is the technique to beautifully decorate the lacquer surface by drawing a design with a brush using lacquer and by sprinkling gold and silver powders on the lacquer surface. The expression methods of design include techniques such as “Hira maki-e”, “Taka maki-e” and “Togidashi maki-e”. These techniques provide three dimensional appearances. This maki-e(design drawing) process is carried out by Maki-e-shi artisans who has sophisticated skills of drawing, coating, sprinkling and smoothening. According to what is to be expressed, tools such as brushes and materials such as gold and silver powders and shells are used to beautifully apply color to the lacquer surface.


Gold powder and shells of various sizes are used according to the design. Lacquer of various colors are also used to colorfully finish the lacquer surface.

  • mounded design of maki-e(design drawing)

  • decoration technique of embedding shells