Kashoku – Roiro(polishing) Process

Roiroshi – artisans who give soft and shiny texture “Kashoku” is the technique to beautifully decorate the lacquerware by smoothening the surface while drawing a design, carving the design and sprinkling gold and silver powders on the surface after the uwanuri process.
Kashoku process includes steps of roiro(polishing), chinkin and maki-e, and among these steps, roiro(polishing) is the technique to finish the surface shiny and smooth like a mirror.
In the roiro(polishing) step, the roiro(polishing) lacquer is applied to the surface after the uwanuri process, the surface is repeatedly smoothed out to bring out the shiny and soft texture.
The roiroshi artisans have sophisticated skills such as sprinkling of gold and silver powders on the surface and smoothening the surface, embedding of blue shells in the lacquer and polishing the surface to bring out transparent and shiny texture, etc.


The roiro(polishing) process which repeats the lacquer coating and smoothening to bring out soft and shiny texture as a mirror includes various techniques.
Occasionally, roiro-nuri is carried out right after the nakanuri-togi.
The picture on the left shows the technique called “ishime” which is the smoothening technique carried out after sprinkling charcoal powder on the surface.

Blocks of charcoal used in the roiro(polishing) process when smoothening the surface are cut in the sizes of about 1-yen coin when used.

  • sprinkled gold powder

  • smooth and shiny surface as a mirror