Nakanuri and Uwanuri

Nushi – artisans who beautifully finish the lacquerware Artisans called “Nushi” carry out the processes of nakanuri and uwanuri and beautifully finish up the lacquerware.
Since nakanuri and uwanuri are the final processes to finish up the lacquerware, the lacquer material used in these processes is strained through Japanese washi paper many times to remove dusts. These processes are carried out in a dust-proof room by a Nushi artisan dressed in a way that will not produce dust.
The technique used in the uwanuri process to apply lacquer so as not to leave the traces of brush is called “nuritate” and requires a well trained veteran artisan’s skill. On top of uwanuri coating, colored lacquer of red and black are applied. Then, finally, a technique called “roiro” finishing process is carried out to beautifully finish the surface shiny and smooth as a mirror.


After kijishi and shitajishi artisans adjust a wooden bowl, a nushi artisan carefully applies lacquer with a brush. The bowl is dried and the finishing process is carried out thereover.
As well as layers of lacquer, different skills of many artisans are layered over and over to bring out the finalized shiny and smooth, soft texture.

  • layered lacquer boxes made with sophisticated lacquer applying and smoothening skill

  • a beautifully finished bowl