Lacquer and Lacquerware

Echizen Lacquerware – it’s 1500 years of history  Echizen lacquerware production region is a major production region of lacquerware which inherits 1500 years of history and culture.
 In the midst of natural environment surrounded by mountains in its three directions, Echizen’s climate is preferable for lacquerware production in terms of wood production and weather condition including temperature and humidity, and the area has developed to become a major production region of lacquerware.
 Its beautiful nature attracted many lacquerware artisans from all over Japan interacting and exchanging their skills which led to development of high level techniques.
 Today, Echizen continue to grow as a production region of daily-used tools and industrial lacquerware such as wooden lacquerware and resin products.


Lacquer collected from lacquer trees is a blessing from the mother nature and it has been used as coating and adhesive material. Lacquerware is both durable and beautiful, the more they are used, the more they fit in your hands comfortably and beautiful glaze emerges.

Lacquer coating

Lacquerware surface is coated with multiple layers of lacquer by using a spatula or brush so as to make the lacquerware surface durable. This process requires sophisticated traditional techniques which are passed on generation from generation.


Through repeating the processes of lacquer applying, smoothening and drying, lacqureware surface is provided with rigidness and elasticity. Moisture is not dried completely and the lacquerware surface is cured leaving some humidity therein. Therefore, we handle lacquerware as a living thing.