Peripheral sightseeing and traditional craft goods designated region

Map of Fukui pref

Sightseeing Guide

  • 1

    A famous scenic spot for its majestic rugged precipitous cliffs eroded by the rough waves and its beautiful sunset that falls in to the horizon.

  • 2

    This is a villa of Matsudaira family who was the lord of Fukui domain. Its glamorous shoin-style architecture and vast garden represents the culture of mid Edo period.

  • 3
    Ichijodani Asakura Remains

    The castle town ruled by the Asakura family being at the height of its prosperity in the Sengoku (war) period was excavated and is restored.

  • 4
    Eiheiji TempleEiheiji Temple

    The head temple of the Soto-shu sect which was opened by Dogen, a zen monk. This temple is known as the first dojo (training facility) of the Soto-shu sect.

  • 5
    Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum

    The first museum in Japan featuring dinosaurs where the whole body skeleton of a dinosaur and a large scale diorama are displayed.

  • 6

    Selected as one of the top 100 exquisite and well-conserved waters. Come taste the natural spring water that can be tasted nowhere else.

  • 7
    Ryusoga-taki Water Fall

    The scenery of water that falls along rocks flaring at the bottom surrounded by shiny green trees is selected as one of Japan’s top 100 waterfalls.

  • 8
    Echizen Washi Village, Udatsu Paper & Craft Museum

    Imadate area is called the village of Echizen washi (Japanese paper) and its production of hand made washi paper is the largest in Japan. Information and material on washi paper are displayed and workshops where you can experience making washi paper are being offered.

  • 9
    Echizen no Sato, Ajimano-en

    A poem of tragic love in the Manyoshu (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves) was read at this location. In the vast area of about 66,000 m2, various flowers are at their bloom in all seasons.

  • 10
    Echizen-yaki Pottery Village

    This pottery village park located at a vast hilly area is the center of Echizen-yaki pottery. You can experience making your own pottery at the pottery workshops.

  • 11
    Echizen Suisen Land

    A scenic spot of Echizen daffodils in bloom along the hill and the dynamic Echizen coast.

  • 12
    Hana-hasu Park

    This area outputs about 60% of the total production of hana-hasu (lotus flower) in Japan. In the peak season, the vast park of 20,000 m2 becomes full of lotus flowers in bloom.

Traditional craft goods

  • Echizen lacquerware ・Designated on May 10, 1975
    [Fukui-shi, Sabae-shi, Echizen-shi]
    ・Primary products
    [Bowl, Table tray, Tray, Layered boxes, Small box]
  • Echizen Washi Paper (Japanese Paper) ・Designated on June 2, 1976
    ・Primary products
    [Drawing paper, Housho paper, Dansho paper, Craft paper, Koma-gami (processed paper)]
  • Echizen-yaki pottery ・Designated on March 12, 1986
    [Fukui-shi, Echizen-shi, Echizen-cho, others]
    ・Primary products
    [Pot, Jug, others]
  • Echizen uchi-hamono ・Designated on January 12, 1979
    ・Primary products
    [Cutting knife, Sickle, Hatchet, Scissors]
  • Wakasa Agate Craft ・Designated on June 2, 1976
    ・Primary products
    [Accessory, Figurine]
  • Wakasa-nuri ・Designated on February 6, 1978
    ・Primary products
    [Tray, Bowl, Layered Boxes, Chopsticks]