Sightseeing of Sabae-shi and guide around the Kawada district

City of Sabae

The city of Sabae is located at the center of Fukui prefecture. In the old days, the city prospered as a temple town by the Hokkoku Kaido road. In Edo period, as a castle town of 50,000 koku, various industries and businesses were promoted and the basis of today’s Sabae-shi was formed. Today, the city continues to grow as the city of industry know for its three large local industries, eye-glasses, textile and lacquerware.
The city also has many historic sites, temples and shrines, parks full of green trees and cultural facilities attracting many visitors.
We hope that you will learn about the industry, history, culture and nature of the city and enjoy your stay.

Kawada area

Kawada area is located in the east of Sabae-shi. The area is surrounded by mountains in three directions and includes 13 neighborhoods. This is an industrious area known for not only the lacquerware industry which started in the ancient time but also for frames of eye-glasses. These are also the two largest industries of Sabae-shi.
Forestry and agriculture are also popular in this area, represented by the production of Kawada cedar trees. The natural environment in which abundant trees and plants grow forms the beautiful scenery of the area.
People who live in such industrious area but which coexists with the natural environment in harmony has maintained and supported the 1500 years of history of Echizen Lacquerware.

Folklores of Kawada area

In Kawada area, there are more than 200 folklores called “Kouhi” that have been told generation after generation. There are exceptionally large number of folklores in Kawada area comparing to the other areas in the prefecture. These folklores are the history of Kawada area and the pride of the people who live in the area.
Some of these folklores can be read at the places marked with unique panels along the surrounding walking trails for you to learn more about Kawada area.
Some are also introduced on touch panels inside the hall.
  • Monument of Chikamatsu Monzaemon
  • Kabutoyama Tomb Mound
  • Sanroku Historic Park
  • Shinmei-sha Old Uryu Family Residence
  • Chudo-in
  • Jizou-hashi Bridge
  • Joushou-ji Temple
  • Kasuga Jinja Shrine
  • Ueda Family Nagaya-mon Gate
  • Bankei-ji Temple
  • Kuruma no Dojo
  • Ouzan Tomb Mounds
  • Funatsu Jinja Shrine
  • Sandoguri
  • Shoujou-ji Temple
  • Katashiba Jinja Shrine
  • Bunka no Yakata
  • Manabe no Yakata
  • Nishiyama Park
  • Nishiyama Zoo
  • Kyouyou Kaikan
  • Seinen no Ie (Youth House)
  • SUNDOME Fukui
  • Megane (eye-glasses) Kaikan
  • Nishiban Sports Center
  • Hinogawa Ryokuchi Park
  • Monjusan Walking Trail
  • Oo-ichou Park
  • Mitsumine-jo Remain Walking Trail
  • Kawada Ikoi Park
  • Obana Camping Park
  • Lapause KAWADA

Local organization groups and their activities

▪ Nokishita Atelier This is a group of local lacquerware artisans and craftsmen which was organized so that visitors can drop by any time to see the actual manufacturing of crafts and arts. Come visit and learn more about the traditional techniques of craft manufacturing which have been inherited from generation to generation over long period of time with your own eyes and hands. ▪Lacquer Noren-kai This is a group of local manufactures organizing an outlet store of local products. Various types of items can be purchased at reasonable prices. They also give advices on how to take care of lacquerware products, take customized orders and handle repairing. Such detailed advises and responses can only be received here.