About the facility
「Urushi-no-Sato Kaikan ( Echizen Lacquerware Traditional Industry Hall )」

Urushi-no-Sato kaikan (Echizen Lacquerware Traditional Industry Hall)
Opening hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Closed on the fourth Tuesday of each month (Open if the fourth Tuesday falls on a holiday and the following day will be closed.)

Visiting the exhibition

The manufacturing process of lacquerware, from the kiji(wood base) process to the kashoku (decoration) process, and its historical archive materials are displayed in the gallery corridor of Urushi-no-Sato Kaikan.
You can also learn about manufacturing of industrial lacquerware, dishwasher-allowed lacquerware and activities involving Echizen lacquerware.
Valuable lacquer arts and lacquerware are displayed in the special exhibition rooms.

Open hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Artisan’s Atelier

Demonstration of lacquerware manufacturing by traditional art artisans can be seen at the Artisan’s Atelier in the annex.
Demonstration is shown by one artisan on the weekdays and two artisans on the weekends and holidays.

Demonstration time: 10:00am to 4:00pm
(excluding the closing days)
Lunch break: 12:00noon to 1:00pm

  • Kiji (shaping of wood base)

  • Nuri (lacquer applying)

  • Kashoku(decoration)
    [Maki-e(design drawing), Chinkin(carving)]

Museum Shop

Unique lacquer products can be purchased at special prices.
There are more than 1000 items displayed for purchase in the Museum Shop.
Quality assured. Each item has description of its material and ingredients shown.
You can find perfect souvenir and gift items here at the Museum Shop.

Lacquerware Workshops

You can experience e-tsuke (drawing), chinkin (carving) and fuki (lacquer applying and wiping).
※Minimum of two participants, reservation is required.
※Please make reservation 2 to 3 days in prior.

  • E-tsuke (drawing) experience

  • Chinkin (carving) experience

  • Fuki-urushi (lacquer applying and wiping) experience

Festival vehicles painted with Echizen lacquer

Festival vehicles painted with Echizen lacquer
length 4.1m X width 2.2m X height 3.5m

Manufacturing of the festival vehicles painted with Echizen lacquer, from their kiji(wood base) forming and shitaji process where the woods are reinforced by applying pieces of clothes to the final process of maki-e(design drawing), chinkin(carving) and roiro(polishing) steps, is carried out by the Echizen lacquer artisans.
The new festival vehicles are made with skills and techniques of Kawada-nuri that are inherited over 1500 years.
These festival vehicles are the grand compilation of the skills of the traditional art artisans and are the priceless “treasure” of the area.

The festival vehicles painted with Echizen lacquer are displayed in the Urushi-no-Sato Kaikan for you to see with your own eyes.
Come visit us and learn about the beautiful seasonal sceneries of the Kawada area displayed in the panel exhibition.

Coffee Shop Wanwan

At coffee shop Wanwan, variety of lunch menus using locally produced safe ingredients are offered in lacquerware dishes.
Locally produced “mulberry tea” and “Yama-uni (spicy seasoning paste using yuzu and red pepper)” can also be purchased here.

The coffee cups and plates that are used at the coffee shop can be purchased at the Museum Shop in the Urushi-no-Sato Kaikan.

Management: Urushi-no-Sato Iki-Iki Council
Open hours: 9:30am to 4:30p
Closed on every Tuesday (Open if the fourth Tuesday of the month falls on a holiday and the following day will be closed.)

Kawada 3D Device Atelier

※Reservation is required to use this atelier.
3D digital printer and 3D cutter can be used in the Kawada 3D Device Atelier.
Reservation can be made through our official website.

Visitors are welcome to stop by at the atelier during the open hours of the Urushi-no-Sato Kaikan.

Management: Kawada 3D Device Atelier (Traditional Art Mirai Project)
Open hours: 10:00am to 5:00pm on weekdays

Rental Halls

※ Fee-based rental halls. Reservation is required to use the halls and rooms. The halls and rooms of various sizes of the Urushi-no-Sato Kaikan can be used for seminars, lectures, training sessions, etc. on rental basis.
The facility use fee will be charged when using the halls and rooms.


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